Introduction to psychiatry, Aetiological factors in psychiatry, Epidemiology of mental disorders.  The Schizophrenias,  Paranoid states, Affective disorders, The Psychoneurosis, Abnormal personalities, Sexual deviations and dysfunction, child and adolescent psychiatry, Mental retardation, Psychiatric aspects of pregnancy and puerperium, Psychiatric aspects of trauma and in particular the Head injuries, Alcoholism, drug abuse and dependencies, Psychiatric aspects of epilepsy,  The Psychosomatic conditions, Organic brain syndromes including the presenile/senile psychosis and the dementias, Drug used in psychiatry (clinical Pharmacology and therapeutics, Elements of psychoanalysis.  Psycho-therapy.  Behavioral therapy / behavior modification, other physical and psychological therapies, Social psychiatry.  Psychiatric emergencies, Suicides and Parasuicides.  Occupational thereapy and rehabilitation, Legal aspects of Psychiatry (Forensic Psychiatry), Organization of mental health services and their integration into overall health activities, Psychiatric and psychological aspects of pain.  Witchcraft, sorcery and the traditional healer in mental health, Sleep and its disturbances and Revision.